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2dr-JK (6 WEEK LEAD TIME) - Premium Sleeping Platform

2dr-JK (6 WEEK LEAD TIME) - Premium Sleeping Platform

ATTENTION: Our inventory is running low on this product.  Orders placed are expected to have a 4-6 week lead time, which our service representatives will confirm at the time of placement. Refunds can be issued upon customer request up until the manufacturing process begins. See our warranty, refund, and return policies at checkout.  


Our premium models come with all the ammenities you would expect from a stay at the Bellagio. Luxurious 3" foam bedding? It's a given. Meticulously-stiched, soft as ten-ply, rugged as kevlar flannel sheets? You betchya. It comes with our assisted panel deployment system and an air-sprung hatch door so that you can sit upright even when the platform is deployed. No it doesn't have a mini-fridge full of singles, nor an indoor swimming pool. Bellagio? You're the one that wants to sleep inside your two-door Jeep. We're just enabling that to happen. 



Once your order is placed, you will receive confirmation via the email you provide. A flat rate shipping fee of $180 is added at checkout (sorry - it's expensive to ship something this big). Orders are typically processed within 2-5 business days and a tracking number will be sent to you once the item has shipped.


Local pickup at our facilities in Fort Collins, Colorado also available. This option allows us to waive shipping fees and offer free installation into your vehicle.


Turns out, there are a lot of you Jeepers out there. If a product is listed at checkout as "build order" instead of "order" it means our inventory is running low and your platform will be manufactured upon receipt of payment. Lead times are typically less than six weeks depending on volume and will be estimated at checkout. Upon receiving a build order, our service team will first reach out to the buyer and confirm understanding and consent. Refunds can be issued in full upon customer request up until manufacturing is underway. After that time, the build/shipment cannot be canceled, but the final product will still be subject to our warranty, refund, and return policies as listed. 


Returns are accepted within 30 days of delivery. Buyer assumes all responsibility for return shipping fees and processing. Damaged products cannot be returned. 


Please inspect the product thoroughly upon delivery to ensure items were not damaged during transit. 

Oryx Platform offers a 1 year manufacturing-defect warranty from date of purchase on all products sold. Claims evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Warranty claims cannot be made when the primary cause of product failure is deemed to be improper installation. We reserve the right to reject any warranty claim on any grounds.


If a warranty claim is accepted, our engineers will first work with you to determine if the issue can be fixed without shipping the bed back (since that's a hassle for all parties involved). If the bed must be shipped back to our facilities, Oryx Platform will pay for return shipping fees, while the buyer will be responsible for adequately packaging the return in a timely manner. 

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