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Rooftop tents are out. 

So, you're tired of getting knocked on by the five-o. It's 3 AM and your obnoxious rooftop tent ended up calling enough attention that the local Wyoming law enforcement had to show up - kicking yet another smelly, grimy, should've-got-a-room-but-blew-the-money-on-a-lift-kit overlander out of the city park. Or, perhaps you've managed to actually find yourself an isolated, bucolic campsite that no one else could reach because they don't have 4-low and aren't sitting on 35s. You're finally thinking that it's all coming together - this is what it's all about - but then it starts to rain, maybe snow, and your moment of perfectenschlag is lost to the incipient dread of drying off your roof teepee with a squeegee the next morning.  Who puts a tent on the roof anyway? Why not just put it on the ground? Why double your frontal area, halve your gas mileage, and put your center of gravity so high that you're just about to roll her over every time you disconnect the sway bar or hit a bump on the highway? 

"The foldout couch of overlanding"

At Oryx, we're fed up with the lack of alternatives. Buy a $2500 stack of nylon, or sleep upright in the driver's seat? And if I get any more emails from those of you who are just ~fine~ with pulling all of your cargo out at the end of the day so you can lie in the fetal position on the diagonal, I swear I'm selling my Jeep and buying the new Bronco. No. Those days are over. Finito! Finished. We've got a new solution.


Our rigid sleeping platforms for your Jeep's interior are more discrete and more easily deployable than those tents, and a hell of a lot better built than that platform your nephew screwed together in the back of his Subaru. Think of our product as the fold out couch for overlanders. Not the spring in your side kind of sleep experience, but the convenience of having a bed when you want it and the useful space when you don't. Our platforms are suspended from your Jeep's rollcage, meaning that there is plenty of space underneath the platform for all of your cargo. When you want a bed, the platforms can be deployed in less time than it takes to put your top down - hanging above the flattened seats to maximize the bed surface area. When you want to pack up and drive, the platforms are conveniently stowed behind the seats and double as a load-bearing storage shelf.


Owning a Jeep for that once-a-year trip to the Utah desert just got a little bit less ridiculous. Made and tested by Jeep people, for Jeep people. It's time to take your roof back. 



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